Guitgia Beach Restaurant

Lively and welcoming

Sea, sun and good food
Lively and welcoming, the Guitgia Beach Restaurant offers its customers a taste of the flavours of good seafood. Situated on Guitgia Beach in Lampedusa, our friendly and professional staff will welcome you to the restaurant for a summer lunch or dinner by the sea, in a relaxing and characteristic atmosphere. Our fresh, local quality fish is used to prepare tasty dishes such as grilled amberjack, Lampedusa style octopus and snapper fish from the Lampedusan shallows, and of course mixed deep-fried fish cooked in olive oil. And to finish off your meal, almond-based desserts and an ice-cold glass of Malvasia. The flavour of all these foods is enhanced with excellent fresh fruit.
Guitgia Beach is also a beach establishment, with sun beds and beach umbrellas, and it is possible to enjoy fruit, fresh salads, delicious Arancini rice balls and hot roasted food on the seashore, together with a nice cold bottle of white wine.

Our lifeguard Salvatore will keep you entertained with his sea-faring stories and maybe even tell you about his memorable winter fishing trips.

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