The Island of Lampedusa

Europe’s tropics

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          The natural landscape of the island of Lampedusa has nothing to envy the most exotic places in the world. The fine white sandy beaches and sea with the most incredible and varied shades of blue are most certainly worth visiting and enjoying. The wide choice of excellent tourist accommodation and the heartfelt "culture of hospitality" that is inherent in the Island’s communities, guarantee a holiday with a capital "H" in the Italian tropics. The Pelagie Islands lie in the Mediterranean Sea, a stone's throw from Africa (about 120 km) and are nothing short of paradise. Lampedusa, the largest of the islands; an ochre boulder rising out of the sea, offering incredible beaches, coves and rocky cliffs overlooking the sea with its infinite hues ranging from turquoise to cobalt blue. Linosa, which emerged from the depths of the sea with its extinct volcanoes and multi-coloured tuff. An unspoilt paradise, filled with the unmistakable song of Shearwaters, which have chosen this island to nest on, and a multitude of other plant and animal species. Lampione, a tiny uninhabited island, with a Lighthouse that illuminates dark nights for fishermen, home to seagulls, Eleonora's falcons and small grey sharks. Time is still marked by the regular rhythms of the changing seasons on these islands, which offer you the possibility to witness small and unique "miracles" that will stay in your memory for ever. Winter arrives with the annual migration of the largest Mediterranean sea mammal, the fin whale (Balaenoptera physalus), which reaches a maximum length of about 24 metres. Spring and summer see the blooming of rare and endemic Mediterranean plants and the arrival of the Peregrine and Eleonora's falcons, which come to nest in the steep cliffs on the islands. In Autumn, there is an abundance of migratory birds passing through and stopping to rest on their long journeys. Then there is the continuous work of the Lampedusan fishermen, who adorn the port with their boats and trammel nets, and the Linosan farmers, who mirror their soul in the land. As well as the many opportunities to enjoy the sea, Lampedusa also has many inland or cliff-top trails for trekking, hiking or horse riding, as well as the possibility of coach trips to discover the island’s unique and unspoilt Mediterranean flora. There are also several important archaeological sites and a museum, which are testimony to the importance of this island to Mediterranean populations since Neolithic times. Lampedusan cuisine is simple and genuine, perfectly combining Sicilian and Arabic flavours and with a specific emphasis on seafood. The many bars, such as Guitgia Beach, serve wonderful water ices made with mulberries, prickly pears and almonds, as well as delicious cakes made with ricotta cheese, for a well-deserved moment of relaxation after a long day of sun and sea.

Crystal Clear Sea
Sea that instils relaxation and serenity. Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Lampedusa and its people will restore your mind, body and soul.
Wild Landscapes
Barren and wild. This is how people describe our landscape. But we think it is unique and we know that you will fall in love it.

A Marine and Terrestrial Reserve
As well as protecting the Loggerhead sea turtles that come here every year to lay their eggs, the Marine Reserve is also home to countless marine, terrestrial and plant species.
Incredible Nature
It is not difficult to be captivated by our nature. Lampedusa is like an air base in the middle of the Mediterranean, and for this reason it is used by migratory species as a stopping point on their journeys between Africa and Sicily and vice versa.

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