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Spiaggia Guitgia
Tommasino Lombardo
The company Guitgia Tourist Service s.r.l. his been operating in Lampedusa for several years and has inherited the experience and professionalism of the late Tommasino Lombardo. He was a fisherman back in 1960, and in the summer he took his boat out to fish in the shallows between Lampedusa and Africa. He fished stone fish, amberjacks, sea sponges and anything else that this sea offered him. In winter, he also sold sponges (among the finest in the world) throughout Europe, collected from the sea drifts around Lampedusa. As a child, Tommasino had lived with his family in nearby Tunisia and had learned Arabic and French, languages that proved useful later on for selling his sponges. At that time, Lampedusa was a small fishing community. There were no flight connections and ships only arrived occasionally. One day, at the end of the 1960s, as Tommasino was looking at Guitgia Beach, he envisioned his future and that of his children. He opened a small trattoria and began serving the first tourists that came to the island. When the airport was built in 1968, tourism gradually started to become a reality. His cuisine, kindness and courtesy became well-known among those who visited the island of Lampedusa. Tommasino’s fame for the quality of his dishes continued and in the first half of the 1970s, he decided to expand and built his first hotel. His children grew up and their business with them. They built another hotel and founded Guitgia Tourist Service s.r.l. Today this company, leader in the tourism industry in Lampedusa, directly manages several hotels and apartments, as well as collaborating with other local companies which offer tourism services, such as the Freccia Azzurra car and scooter rental company, Guitgia Beach, the first bathing establishment in Lampedusa, and many others.


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